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Dom James is a London based composer creating scores and conjuring sound worlds that captivate and excite. He is an in-demand producer, orchestrator and arranger and has worked on major TV and film projects in the UK and USA. Nominations include the BBC New Television Composer award and the Production Music Awards. He is also known for being one half of alt pop duo Shaker Neon and the musical force behind Bompas & Parr.

Additional Music. Classic country and bluesy guitar explorations as part of Dominik's team. Huge vistas of endless hot Australian sand Read more
Savage noisemaking slam up against heart tugging emo orchestrations for Ruth Barrett on this new branch of L&O. Total thrill. Read more
Orchestrating for Ruth is always a thrill and this time - our third outing together - I was also on Read more
The Sister was my second project orchestrating for one of today's great musical forces in TV and film: Ruth Barrett.  Read more
Working with Scuta and Tom at Soviet Science, GoDaddy went our way with this bongo bass fest.  Keeping it simple Read more
Being part of the orchestration team on this score from Daniel Pemberton was an honour.  The movie looks and sounds Read more
DLMDD apply scientific method to the world of sonic branding, and they develop comprehensive musical guidelines for their clients.  It's Read more
My first, and I suspect not my last project orchestrating for Ruth Barrett, as we got on spectacularly.  An inspiration Read more
Working with the absolute legends at DLMDD and the new breed of top London session cats, I created a New Read more
This tune's causing a stir at the moment on the latest Range Rover ad.  I collaborated with lyrical god Tommy Read more