Dom is a composer and sound designer from London UK who creates scores and soundscapes that captivate and excite.

His route into music was a colourful one, from early days as a chorister at Westminster Cathedral to leading and arranging for the University of London Big Band whilst at university in UK and France.  Having composed music since he was nine years old, he learnt to score ‘on the job’ whilst assisting established names such as Dominik Scherrer and Paul Clark on theatre and television projects.  He also studied orchestration with Geoff Alexander (Blue Planet, Notting Hill).  He has recently worked with leading advertising agencies on campaigns for Intel, Flora, BP, Cadburys, Müller, Amazon Prime and Jaguar Land Rover.

Recent film work includes the debut film from Lenny Dorfman entitled Bring Back the Cat (rel. 2017 starring Amanda Abington, Ellie Bamber) and the stylish animation Aftermath (Layla Atkinson, Trunk, 2016).  As an orchestrator he recently contributed to Samuel Karl Bohn’s score for The Hippopotamus as well as various production music orchestral and big band titles.

For theatre, he has worked in both small and big venues such as Wiltons Music Hall, Ambassadors, The Vaults, BACS, The Royal Court Theatre and assisted at The National Theatre.  Most recently he composed for Dining with The Twits (Les Enfants Terrible, Emma Brunjes), Britten in Brooklyn (Oliver Rose, Wiltons Music Hall) and the 2016 National Youth Theatre rep season with close collaborator and band mate Tommy Antonio (Romeo & Juliet dir Kate Hewitt, Pigeon English dir Anna Niland).

As part of a growing trend, Dom is a specialist in the devising of site-specific, immersive sound and music experiences.  He has designed and installed multi-channel soundscapes in major venues such as Alton Towers, Guinness Store House (Dublin), Museum of Sex (New York), Joyce (Hong Kong) and Selfridges (London) often working with culinary architecture supremos Bompas and Parr.  He enjoys working in unusual spaces including a project to design and compose for a bone-conducting audio spoon for Heinz Beanz.  He writes for DeWolfe Music library and has a rapidly expanding catalogue of music from many genres that enjoys frequent use in film, tv and radio in many territories.  Recent music placements include The Night Manager (BBC), Fleabag (BBC) and Empire (FOX) in USA.

A multi-instrumentalist, Dom plays clarinet, piano, guitar and a handful of instruments from round the world that are seen lying around his West London studio.  He leads the internationally acclaimed early-jazz and New Orleans style ensemble The Dixie Ticklers with whom he has toured all over the world.

Nominations include the BBC New Television Composer award and the Production Music Awards.

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