Bloodlands (BBC, composer Ruth Barrett, dir. Pete Travis)

March 24, 2021 tv

Orchestrating for Ruth is always a thrill and this time – our third outing together – I was also on Prophet 6 and various other vibey sonics duties.  Much less spooky than her last project The Sister, but just as much tension in the score.  The action also revolves around a family drama and there was a warm soulful aspect to the music.  Another lockdown production, with strings played by Nick Holland and Phil Holland and guitars by Aaron Jones.

The Sister (ITV)

November 9, 2020 tv

The Sister was my second project orchestrating for one of today’s great musical forces in TV and film: Ruth Barrett.  A spooky thriller, part murder mystery, part ghost story, Ruth’s music conjured a world of tension, suspicion, fear and uneasiness.  Alongside the chilling string voicings, I provided a few synth parts, with a big thank you to Sequential and their amazing analog synth offering – wow.

Sanditon ITV

October 16, 2019 tv

My first, and I suspect not my last project orchestrating for Ruth Barrett, as we got on spectacularly.  An inspiration for anyone who wants to find out what real time pressure is like on a project!  The strings, guitars and harp were recorded between Ruth’s studio and Gorbal’s Glasgow.  Ruth’s music on Sanditon is killer, do go check it out for a great cast, great writing and plenty for Austenophiles to engage with.