The Lost Lagoon – by Bompas and Parr

February 2, 2019 Uncategorized

If you’ve followed my stuff for a while, you’ll know I work all the time with culinary art supremos Bompas & Parr.  In their latest large scale production W12 shopping centre’s basement was flooded to create a neo-tiki boating lake.  Ukulele from London legend Martin Wheatley, and some very vibey drums. With a plot inspired by the world’s most famous buccaneer himself, Lost Lagoon represents a fantastical reinterpretation of the eponymous Captain Henry Morgan’s world, and will require guests toRead More

Amazon Prime – Delivers More

January 23, 2019 Uncategorized

Yes, thank you Amazon Prime for digging hi octane big band in 10/8 time for another year.

Glenmorangie ASMR films

January 5, 2019 Uncategorized

ASMR is having a moment.  From hair combing vids getting millions of views to some of the sound worlds in commercial albums (notable Billie Eilisih’s When We Fall Asleep..)  Recording really really quiet things with binaural mics and getting real close to string players doing unusual gestures on their instruments helped me create 3 ASMR soundscapes for some truly immersive videos for Glenmorangie.  A classic Bompas & Parr collab.

Miller Lite (USA)

June 9, 2018 adland

Working with The Elements and some of my fave horn players in London, these spots for Miller Lite bring together huge beats and punchy low brass. Combination of real and synth brass gives it a great swagger.

The Word Defiant, Blickling Estate

April 30, 2018 theatre

Working with my very good friends Les Enfants Terribles, I’ve provided the sound design and a touch of music for this fascinating theatrical art installation at Blickling Hall, Norfolk. Joe Hufton has directed with wicked set design from Lydia Denno.  Working primarily with the spoken word, will post some sounds soon. There’s a great Guardian piece here:

edifice-dancetheatre | Tenome

April 21, 2018 dance

Performing at The Cockpit Theatre, London and St Marys in the Castle, Hastings, Edifice are a brilliant young company who blend the contact improvisation, modern ballroom, and so much more.  It had a huge reception at the first performance in April, and continues through May.  Look out for the tour. More info here: cool vid here:

Dishoom – Night at The Bombay Roxy

December 28, 2017 Uncategorized

Night at the Bombay Roxy was a great gig for me.  I got to write for some of my favourite London jazzers (Miguel Gorodi, Helena Kay, Dave Ingamelles, Loz Garratt and the mighty and fast driving Leon Greening).

Cadbury’s Fingers UK & Europe ad

December 15, 2017 Uncategorized

I work with a few top London and LA music houses to write music for TV spots. Very often it’s when they want something fairly true to jazz.  This is a typical example and was a pleasure to provide some music for this comedy ad for my favourite chocolate snack.  On guitar was Nick Costley-White, a hugely talented player with a really lovely old school arch top acoustic –

The Dixie Ticklers in Saudi Arabia

November 28, 2017 Uncategorized

The band was chosen to play at the opening of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in late November 2017.  It was our first visit to the country, and in fact that whole region, and the music was greeted by a hugely warm audience.